Oct 31, 2011


I'm heading to the hospital without anybody. I hope nothing serious happen to my health. I think, maybe effect from the medicine. Pray for me and seriously i'm gonna cry.

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Too many strangers

"Seriously, my heart my soul and mentality goes down. Just because of other person who try to get intention from him. Why you come to our relationships? Why? Its hurt and getting worst. And i know you, yes you liked her. How about me? Too many things ive scarified for you and for us"  

Oct 17, 2011

Teaser Sarawak

Ok, gua baru balik dari short trip dengan awek-awek hot gua. Haha. More photo will be upload :)

[Noted : Ala asal dia sibuk maen twitter ni?]

Oct 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #7

Somewhere in Melaka with someone. Haha!

Random update.

Hello wednesday. Nampak gayanya every wednesday je laa aku update ek? Haha. Nasib baik ada wordless wednesday. Best jugak kan, tak perlu nak cakap bebanyak, lets picture talk sudey laa. But for today, i'm going to share something about life. Eceh bunyi macam serious eh? Tak tahu nak mulakan macam mana tapi rasa dah banyak orang kat luar sana ingat aku dah broke up dengan Mu'az. Ops we're still together and  never been to separate. And i guess my twitter follower or facebook friend pun rasa macam tu. Yela dengan status yang agak frustrated, maybe ramai yang rasa macam tu. Hehe. Yes its about heart feeling. Rasa kosong je dalam hati ni. Bukan sengaja nak besarkan cerita atau sibuk nak huru hara kan keadaan. Cuma nak share something how i feel. And i was crying like hell when my good friend and lecturers give their opinion and moral support. And now i realized, i'm supposed not to be sad like this. Everyone knows me as a happy go lucky person and i hope i can smile like always. Insyallah. I want to be "wanita paling bahagia" dalam hidup ni. Boleh kan? Hehe. Apa yang jadi kebelakangan ni mungkin ada hikmah. Bak kata salah seorang kawan aku, Allah dah plan sesuatu untuk aku. Ok tu je nak update.

[Note : Vacation this month cancel!]